Business Benefits FAQs

Business Benefits FAQs

Co-op Connections Card program

What is the Co-op Connection’s Discount card?

It is a membership discount card that provides Cobb EMC members with discounts at participating local and national businesses. The card is shown – not swiped – at a register.

How does it work?

Cobb EMC distributes Co-op Connections® Cards to our members. When they show the card or the offer in the app at any participating business, they receive a discount determined by the business owner. It’s that easy!

How can a local business participate?

All we require from the business is a special discount or service offering and a signed agreement.

How long is my business required to stay in the program?

Participating businesses are required to stay in the program at least one year. Participation begins once the business returns the signed agreement and it’s approved by Cobb EMC. At the end of the year, the agreement will automatically be renewed, unless either party terminates the agreement by providing 30 days written notice. Participants may change offers every 30 days and may offer multiple discounts at the same time.

How will I know which businesses are participating?

Cobb EMC sends members a list of participating businesses on a regular basis. This list is also available online.

How much does it cost a business to participate?

There are no fees associated with the program. The only cost to the business is the discount they offer.

What type of discounts can a business offer?

Each business designs its own discount. We like to see those that are unique and offer members true value. See what other businesses are offering

How will customers know that we are a participating business?

Each business will receive a window cling sticker and/or cash register sticker identifying them as a participating business. Additionally, a full list will be maintained online

What if customers say they have a card, but they are not able to present it?

We have informed members that to receive the discount they must present the card or show the offer in the app.

Does the business have to be a Cobb EMC member to participate?


Can my business receive a Co-op Connections card?

Yes. Download a Co-op Connections Card printout. To find discounts on-the-go, download the Co-op Connections® app* for iPhone or Android. You can also request a card to be mailed to you.

*Once downloaded, the app prompts you to select your co-op. Make sure you select Cobb EMC. This setting cannot be changed.

Why is Cobb EMC offering this program?

The Co-op Connections program is made available to Cobb EMC by Touchstone Energy®, a cooperative made up of hundreds of other electric co-ops just like us from across the nation. The program is included in our membership in Touchstone Energy as an added value for members.

Is this card similar to the Cobb County discount card?

No, another provider manages the Cobb County pharmacy card. Cobb EMC’s Co-op Connections Card has additional health discounts like dental, eye, hearing aid, lab work, chiropractic, as well as discounts from local and national businesses.

Does Cobb EMC financially benefit from this card?

No. Cobb EMC members benefit from using the card, but Cobb EMC does not receive any money for promoting this program to its members.

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