About Cobb EMC

About Cobb EMC

Our Mission
Our Mission
Our Mission
Learn more about our mission and find company info, bylaws, service rules and strategic view.





Our Reliability
Find out how we continually improve service reliability.



Leadership Team


Board of Directors
Meet your Cobb EMC directors.





Kevan Espy
President and CEO

Kevan became President and CEO in 2021. With more than 30 years of experience at Cobb EMC, he leads the co-op to ensure reliable, safe, affordable and sustainable power is delivered to our members every day.


Brett Stovern
Chief Financial Officer

Brett balances our checkbook. He keeps a close eye on our spending so we can keep our rates low.


Kelsie Daniels
VP, Information Technology

Kelsie keeps our technology systems, tools and applications operating. His team ensures employees can access and get needed information to provide service to our members and perform daily job duties.  


Kris Delaney
VP, Marketing and Corporate Communications

Kris is passionate about our community. Her team shares Cobb EMC's story of innovation and it's focus on low rates, reliability, and giving back to the community through education programs and community improvement projects.  


Tim Harshbarger
VP, Human Resources

Tim’s passion is people. His team works to make sure we have the workforce we need to serve our members well into the future. 


Tim Jarrell
VP, Power Supply and Planning

Tim predicts the future. Not really, but his team uses complex data and algorithms to estimate how much electricity our members will use, while working to keep rates as low as possible.  


Kristi Knight
VP, Internal Audit and Compliance

Things that make Kristi smile: spreadsheets, data and efficient processes. She knows the company's bylaws like the back of her hand and enjoys keeping us in check.


Jody Newton
VP, Electric Operations

Jody and his team work around the clock to monitor and maintain our electric system to keep the lights on. He mobilizes our crews when storms roll through.


Tim Sosebee
SVP, Business Operations

Tim makes sure our internal operation is running smoothly. He keeps our member care team, all of our technology and the Cobb EMC campus in tip top shape.  


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