Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI)

Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI)

Cobb EMC AMI meters, Cobb EMC bucket truck

Over the past 20 years, Cobb EMC has made substantial investments in infrastructure, building one of the most technologically advanced power control systems in the world. This includes Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) technology, which transmits hourly meter readings several times per day through two-way communications over a secure wireless network, similar to a cellphone network. Cobb EMC’s AMI meters read up-to-the-minute electric energy use information and allow members to track their electricity use by the hour.

AMI Meter Technology

AMI metering is a proven technology that is increasingly being adopted by electric utilities for the many benefits of automated readings.

AMI meters are approximately the same size as traditional meters, but they feature an LCD digital display that shows how much energy has been used. AMI meters transmit hourly readings to the cooperative several times a day, unlike traditional meters, which were read once a month manually by a meter reader. Energy use and charges are in no way affected by the type of meter.

Cobb EMC owns the AMI meters, and they are part of our electrical distribution system. The meter base (or socket) is still owned by the member. Members are responsible for maintaining this equipment in good working order and for repairing or replacing it if it is damaged or unsafe. Because meters are an integral part of Cobb EMC’s distribution system, they periodically need to be tested or upgraded to ensure safe, reliable service. At such times, Cobb EMC has the right to access the meter to perform necessary work. Our testing conforms to standards set by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). All testing equipment is certified and tested annually.

Communications equipment has been installed on 16 radio towers throughout the service district. A low-level licensed radio frequency is reserved for sending meter data to Cobb EMC and will not interfere with electrical, radio equipment or personal electronic devices.

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Benefits of AMI Meters

More efficient member service and support

  • The automated system allows connects, re-connects and transfers of service to be handled remotely and immediately.
  • Members can now view their daily and hourly energy use data online.
  • Greater meter reading and billing accuracy.
  • We can now collect meter reads on demand (when a member discontinues service or to do a re-read when a member calls about a high bill).

Lower operating costs

  • Fewer visits to the meter location for meter reading reduces the number of trucks on the road, saving our co-op time and resources and contributing to cleaner air throughout our service district.
  • Accurate, online energy data reduces the number of billing questions to our Member Care Center.

Improved reliability

  • Integrates with our current outage management system, so the meters can detect power outages and send out an alert. This means we can quickly detect the location and restore power to members.
  • Provides Cobb EMC indications of voltage fluctuations so we can ensure acceptable levels of service.
  • Enables us to monitor the maximum demand at your home to ensure that the transformer feeding your home is adequately sized for your energy use. (Important when it’s 90 degrees outside and your air conditioner is running constantly to keep up with the demand).
  • Better data helps us plan, construct and optimize Cobb EMC’s distribution system.

Meter Data Management Info

Cobb EMC’s meter data management (MDM) system helps Cobb EMC collect and analyze long-term use data to improve overall operation of our distribution grid. MDM imports and validates data, and then processes it for future billing and analysis.

National Information Solutions Cooperative's (NISC's) Meter Data Management System supports Cobb EMC’s AMI initiatives and helps our co-op: comply with standards, conduct remote connects and manage AMI meter data. Cobb EMC also implemented significant prevention methods and companywide cyber security standards to protect AMI and MDM data.

This detailed energy use data helped us create rates that allow members to reduce their overall electricity costs by altering their behavior to reduce use during peak times. Learn more about Cobb EMC’s Smart Choice Rate.

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