Board Elections

Board Elections

Director elections take place at the Annual Meeting in September. In accordance with Cobb EMC's bylaws candidates may petition for election to the board.

Board Elections Details

Director Election in 2021

SECTION 3.08. Notice of Nominees. The Secretary shall be responsible for posting at the Cooperative’s headquarters and on its website the nominees for the election, and if received on or before the fourth Friday in May, shall include same in the notice to the Members for the meeting at which the election is to be held.

District 2 Rudy Underwood
District 3 Kelly Bodner
District 9 Eric Broadwell

Director Elections Process

  1. Nominate. To be eligible to be a nominee for director, or to become or remain a director, a member must adhere to the guidelines listed in SECTION 3.04 of Cobb EMC's bylaws.
  2. Petition. Members (including those serving as incumbent Directors) seeking to be nominated for election to the board must submit a written petition of at least thirty-five (35) or more members of Cobb EMC whose service address is in the same district as the petitioner’s service address. The 2021 nomination petition is due May 28.
  3. Vote. Voting for election of directors shall be by secret ballot; PROVIDED, however that when a nominee has no opposition, secret ballots shall be dispensed with in respect to that particular election, and voting may be conducted at the Annual Meeting by voice vote or in any other proper manner.

Full details of the director elections process can be found in Cobb EMC's bylaws. Members are encouraged to review Cobb EMC's bylaws and to contact Kris Delaney if you have any questions about any requirement related to director elections.

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