Cobb EMC breaks records

Cobb EMC breaks records

Cobb EMC breaks records for reliability, low rates and customer satisfaction

Cobb EMC’s focus on superior member experience leads to achievements in innovation 

Cobb EMC announced that the electric cooperative’s customer satisfaction scores are at a record high, attributed largely to providing a superior member experience and reliable electricity at the lowest possible price. 

“Cobb EMC is capping off a banner year and redefining what it means to be an energy expert,” said Peter Heintzelman, president and CEO of Cobb EMC. “We’re regularly asked to speak across the U.S. as a nationally recognized industry expert, and this thought leadership, combined with our recent innovations, will propel our company to realize even greater success next year.”  

The metro-Atlanta utility has made a series of improvements over the past decade to positively impact consumers. They reduced outages by more than 25 percent, ranking the company top 3 in the nation for reliability, according to the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).  

“Cobb EMC’s national reliability ranking is even more impressive when you consider it was achieved while keeping costs low,” said Tripper Sharp, Chairman of Cobb EMC’s Board of Directors. “The board of directors has lowered consumers’ bills seven times in three years, and when power costs came in lower than expected in 2018, we gave back $4.5 million to members. These decisions add up to meaningful savings for consumers.” 

According to the Georgia Public Service Commission, Cobb EMC members’ monthly bills are $24 lower than the average utility bill in Georgia. Additionally, Cobb EMC now ranks the fourth most affordable EMC in Georgia and the fifth most affordable of the 94 electric utilities in the state.  

Last year, Cobb EMC became the first EMC in the nation to offer free overnight charging for electric vehicles (EV) through the innovative NiteFlex rate. In addition to being a leader in EV adoption, the cooperative has also worked to support sustainability efforts that make financial sense for all members.  

“We’re committed to affordable, renewable energy and to attracting innovative research projects and bringing grant money to our community,” said Heintzelman. “We’ve increased our solar offerings by 360% since 2016 at no additional cost to members, and this year, Solar Inventions won a research project grant to test the performance advantage of solar panels on our campus. Cobb EMC will receive all of the solar output of this project at no cost – which benefits Cobb EMC’s members and is an internationally prestigious coup for our community.” 

Cobb EMC has always worked to be a responsible corporate citizen in the communities it serves. More than $4.6 million has been donated to neighborhood nonprofits through the Cobb EMC Community Foundation, and the company’s wholly owned subsidiary, Gas South, gives back 5% of profits to help children in need.   

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Cobb EMC breaks records for reliability, low rates and customer satisfaction Cobb EMC’s focus on superior member...


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