Cobb EMC Community Foundation

Cobb EMC Community Foundation

Cobb EMC Community Foundation

Many generous Cobb EMC members round their bills up each month, through Operation Round Up, to donate to charitable organizations in our community. The Cobb EMC Community Foundation is a third-party foundation, separate from Cobb EMC employees and directors, set up to administer and distribute the funds collected through Operation Round Up. Decisions made by the volunteer board are based on funds available and the community impact of requests.


To carefully assess the financial requests of charitable organizations, and to apply our collective wisdom to the allocation of available funds for the broadest benefit of the community and the members we serve.

Request Funding

Community service, religious or scientific organizations, education or youth programs and nonprofits that qualify as exempt under section 501(c)(3) may benefit from this fund. To request funding*, download the application and submit your completed application (along with necessary documents**) to Please include "Cobb EMC Community Foundation" in the subject line. For additional question, contact Helen Wilson at 678-355-3271. 

If your request is approved by the Community Foundation board, a check will be sent to the organization. You must download and complete the post grant reporting form and submit to Cobb EMC within the calendar year to be considered for future funding requests.

Terms & Conditions: Funds cannot be used for political campaigns or organizations. The Cobb EMC Community Foundation board has full disbursement authority for all funds of the Foundation. *Forms must be filled out by those who would receive assistance, so unfortunately, you can't nominate a third party. **Necessary documents include: Completed and signed application, IRS 501(c)(3) letter, copy of financial statement(s) for the most recent year end.

Emergency Relief Funding

The Cobb EMC Community Foundation offers support to provide aid quickly to 501(c)3 organizations that have been impacted by a state of emergency. The Emergency Relief Funding application will be made available as Operation Round Up funds allow.


Each month, the Cobb EMC Community Foundation board of directors administers Operation Round Up funds to local nonprofits with outreach programs that benefit members within Cobb EMC's five-county service area.

Total donations to date: $5,703,884


$74,300 donated in October 2020






$77,900 donated in May 2020



$61,500 donated in March 2020


$77,900 donated in February 2020



Community Foundation Board Members

The following Cobb EMC members serve on the board:

  • Harry Abrams
  • Philip Hayden
  • Cathy Lane
  • Marlon Longacre
  • Diane Parker
  • Vickie Tardif
  • John Umphlett
  • Ray Yeager
  • Mike Reckord

Community Foundation Logo

The Cobb EMC Community Foundation logo is available for use following the below guidelines, which help protect the brand:

  • The Cobb EMC Community Foundation logo should only be used on a white background.
  • Never modify the Cobb EMC Community Foundation logo. This includes stretching or distorting the logo, using the icon or logotype by itself and altering the colors, fonts or construction.

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