Cobb EMC ranks one of Georgia’s most affordable electric providers

Cobb EMC ranks one of Georgia’s most affordable electric providers

Cobb EMC residential summer bills dropped 7.5 percent since last year, for an average household using 1000 kilowatt hours, according to the Georgia Public Service Commission’s Summer Residential Rate Survey.

“We’re extremely proud that our rates rank 4th lowest among all 94 providers in the state,” said Chip Nelson, president and CEO of Cobb EMC. “These rankings reaffirm our commitment to safely delivering reliable, competitively priced electricity and to bring greater savings and overall value to our members.”

According to the 2015 Georgia PSC summer survey, Cobb EMC members save approximately $25 dollars per month on their summer bills compared to the average electric utility customer.

The co-op also passed along three credits in the months of June, July and August to bring overall savings and help lower summer bills for members. In June, a 5-mill credit in the Wholesale Power Adjustment (WPA) was applied, followed by a 9-mill credit in the WPA for the month of July and a 7-mill credit in August.

The Georgia PSC summer survey ranks electric providers on rates in effect for the month of July, based on total electric bill amounts of 500, 1000, 1500 and 2000 kWh. For more information or to view complete surveys, visit the Georgia Public Service Commission’s website.

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