Cobb EMC Ranks Top 10 among Cooperatives for Customer Satisfaction

Cobb EMC Ranks Top 10 among Cooperatives for Customer Satisfaction

The company’s focus on reliability, low rates and communication earned their record-breaking score of 783 – 11 points higher than the industry average

(Marietta, GA – Oct. 3, 2019) – Cobb EMC today announced that the electric cooperative now ranks eighth for Customer Satisfaction among cooperatives, according to the J.D. Power 2019 Electric Utility Residential Customer Satisfaction Study, which surveys customers of the nation’s 142 largest electric utility brands.

“Our record-breaking score reflects what’s possible when a team places an intense focus on a superior member experience and reliable electricity at the lowest possible price, all achieved through innovation,” said Peter Heintzelman, president and CEO of Cobb EMC. “Our industry is changing, and we’re prepared to lead the change.”

The metro-Atlanta utility has made a series of improvements over the past decade to positively impact consumers. They reduced outages by more than 25 percent, ranking the company top 3 in the nation for reliability. Additionally, Cobb EMC consumers’ monthly bills are nearly $24 lower than the average utility bill in Georgia, according to the Georgia Public Service Commission. 

“This top-notch reliability is even more impressive when you consider it was achieved while keeping costs low,” said Heintzelman. “Our board of directors has lowered consumers’ bills seven times in three years and gave back $4.5 million to members when power costs came back lower than expected at the end of 2018.”

Many new programs and initiatives have been implemented using direct feedback from consumers. This year, the cooperative unveiled new electric rate options so consumers can determine which rate best fits their lifestyle. To simplify the switching process, Cobb EMC built an online tool to help consumers choose a rate.

The company also introduced an innovate rate that offers consumers up to 400 kWh per month for free overnight charging for electric vehicles (EVs), an unprecedented move to increase EV adoption in northwest metro Atlanta, a city long known for heavy commuter traffic.

“Our NiteFlex rate is the first of its kind in the nation and reduces EV charging costs and makes commutes cleaner and more affordable for our consumers,” said Heintzelman. “We regularly host ride and drive events and offer an overnight checkout program so consumers can borrow an EV and see how it fits their everyday lives. We’re proud to support sustainability efforts that make financial sense for all of our members. That commitment is also mirrored in our renewable energy portfolio. We’ve increased our solar offerings 360% since 2016 at no additional cost to members.”

Cobb EMC has always worked to be a responsible corporate citizen in the communities it serves from energizing large employers to encourage regional job growth to supporting tomorrow’s leaders through scholarships to the $4.6 million donated to neighborhood nonprofits through the Cobb EMC Community Foundation. This commitment is also evident through Cobb EMC’s wholly-owned subsidiary Gas South, who is committed to being a Fuel For Good in the communities it serves by giving back 5% of profits to help children in need. 

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