Operation Round Up

Operation Round Up

Operation Round Up

Operation Round Up rounds up your Cobb EMC bill to the nearest dollar to aid charitable and educational projects in our communities. 

The average estimated annual giving is $6 per member account, but the most anyone can give each month is 99 cents – or a maximum of $11.88 each year. Monthly billing statements show how much is being donated, and January billing statements show total funds donated, as your contributions are tax deductible. 

All Cobb EMC members are automatically enrolled in Operation Round Up and will remain in the program until they request to be removed from it. You may stop your enrollment anytime. To opt out, simply fill out our online opt out form

History of Operation Round Up

Palmetto Electric Cooperative (South Carolina) created Operation Round Up in 1989. The program has since been adopted by more than 200 EMCs nationwide. Its concept is an extension of the principle on which electric co-ops were built – neighbors helping neighbors to benefit the community in which they work and live.

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