Outage Center FAQs

Outage Center FAQs

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How do I report my electric outage?

Report an electric outage 24/7 on our app, website or by phone at 770-429-2100.

What happens when I report my electric outage?

When you report your outage, a member care representative makes sure your outage’s address is loaded into our outage management system. A crew is then dispatched directly to the outage. It is important to call in any outage; the more information we receive, the faster we can assess damage and dispatch crews where they need to go. See the steps to restoring power.

How current is the information on the map?

There is a delay of up to one minute between when the outage management system receives the information and when that information populates on the map for members to see. Occasionally, there will be a delay in removal of an outage from the map; our crews need to confirm work is complete before the map is cleared.

What should I expect from the Estimated Restoration Time?

An estimated restoration time (ERT) is the amount of time Cobb EMC expects it will take to restore your power after an outage. When you report an outage to Cobb EMC, you will receive a system-generated ERT based on historical outage data. As more information becomes available, Cobb EMC may update your ERT.

During bad weather, your ERT may be extended based on conditions.

Can I look up my address on the outage map?

Yes. To find your address, click on the “search service address” icon on the gray navigation bar and type in your full service address with no abbreviations.

The outage map isn’t showing up on my computer screen. Do I need to have a certain web browser or download special software to see it?

The outage map is built to work on standard computer operating systems and web browsers. The map will only display correctly on Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer versions 9 and above. There may be a specific issue with your browser that we can’t help with, but we encourage you to call our member care team at 770-429-2100 to make sure the map is working properly on our end.

Is there a mobile app my family can download to access the outage center and map easily?

Download our app to easily report an outage and access our outage center. Additionally, the outage center and map are accessible through the web browser on most mobile devices, including Android, iPhone and iPad.

Where are the crews when the power is out?

During power outages, Cobb EMC crews are working in the outage areas. You may see a Cobb EMC crew ride by your house during an outage. Do not attempt to "flag them down." If a Cobb EMC truck is seen riding by, they are typically going to the initial location of the outage or assessing the problem to determine how they can most efficiently get power restored to your area.

Whose power is restored first?

The main goal is to safely restore power to the greatest number of members in the shortest time possible. Power is not restored in the order of the reported outages. Power must first be restored from the substation, and then crews work their way out to individual homes. See the steps to restoring power.

Why am I the only one without power on my street?

If you are the only house on your street without power, then it is possible that something has fallen on the service line to your house, or that the power to your house comes from a different location than your neighbors. Call Cobb EMC at 770-429-2100 to report your outage and power will be restored as quickly as possible.

Why is my power out when my service is underground?

Many of the subdivisions in Cobb EMC’s service district have underground service to homes. However, at some point, the service to the subdivision is overhead. If you live in a subdivision and the power is out during a storm, then the initial cause of the outage is located somewhere outside your subdivision.

Does each outage icon (circle shape) on the map represent a different outage requiring a separate fix?

Typically, but not always. Sometimes, in the minutes immediately after an outage is reported, the system is waiting on additional data before it declares all of a group of members are impacted by the same issue. When this happens, the map displays multiple outage icons or circle shapes for brief periods. Our dispatchers are trained to recognize these situations when they occur and make sure crews are headed to where they need to go.

How long will it be before my power is restored?

During an outage, Cobb EMC crews work around the clock to restore power as quickly and safely as possible to all members. The more severe a storm, the longer it could take to restore power. If main lines are down, they have to be repaired before service can be restored to neighborhoods and to individual homes. On our outage map, click on the outage icon (circle shape) for your area to view more details about the outage, including an estimated restoration time.

I’m not sure if I’m a Cobb EMC member. How can I tell on your map?

Several areas within Cobb EMC service district map boundaries are served by multiple utilities. While the map shows some general boundaries on the service district, the best way to confirm whether or not you are a Cobb EMC member is by checking your electric bill or by calling our member care team at 770-429-2100.

What do I need to do if the service line has fallen off my house?

In most cases, Cobb EMC crews can restore power to your home if the service line simply came loose from your house and no other damage was caused. However, if any equipment (e.g., the mast pipe, weather-head or meter base) has been pulled off your house by a fallen tree, Cobb EMC cannot restore power to your house until this is fixed. You need to contact a licensed electrician to repair this situation before power can be restored.

What should I do if someone in my home depends on electricity to power medical equipment?

Cobb EMC cannot guarantee as to when the power will be restored or that certain accounts will be given priority over others, so there should always be a contingency plan in place for patients who have a medical necessity for electricity. This includes backup power, extra medical supplies or an alternate location during an outage. Make sure prescription supplies are adequate and have a first-aid kit handy.

My meter base is damaged, do I need to contact Cobb EMC or an electrician?

An electrician. Your electric meter (round and enclosed in clear plastic) is owned by Cobb EMC, but your meter base (the rectangular metal box mounted on your home or business) does NOT belong to Cobb EMC. If it’s damaged, you’ll need to contact an electrician to make repairs before we can come out to reconnect service. By law, we can’t connect power to a damaged meter base.

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