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Wood Chips Information

Debris resulting from tree trimming and line clearance is often ground up. This product can be used for wood chips and is available to our members. If you are interested in receiving a truck load of wood chips, please submit the form below. 

  • Average-sized load contains approximately 12 cubic yards, which is about 3.5 feet high by 8 feet wide and 12 feet long. (Equivalent to about 52 wheel barrow loads).
  • The wood chips are good for the environment and makes good compost.
  • Between the months of April and October, the wood chips are full of green leaves and is in a compost stage.
  • Green wood chips take four to six weeks to deteriorate and at the time of delivery the wood chips may be in the heating process (appears to be smoking). During the heating process, it may severely damage garden plants and shrubs. It is also possible for the wood chips to have a strong odor like that of rotting grass and leaves.
  • During the warm season, green wood chips may attract insects.
  • The wood chips will probably contain stringy material, small sticks, yard rakings, etc.
  • The wood chips will kill grass under it and it will stain a driveway.
  • Do not burn wood chips in any wood-burning stove, fireplace, furnace, etc.
  • Once the load is delivered and unloaded, it becomes the Member's property and we will not pick it up.
  • No color or dye can/will be added to alter the wood chips.
  • We cannot guarantee time of delivery. If requested, we can call the daytime phone number listed to confirm delivery.



I have read this Wood Chip Request Form in its entirety and hereby accept this load of wood chips "as is," without any warranties of merchantability or fitness for any general or particular use or purposes.

I understand that Cobb EMC disclaims responsibility for any and all damages which may occur to any part of the below-referenced property (the "Property"), including but not limited to landscaping, trees, driveways, sidewalks, septic systems, sewer laterals, water lines, irrigation systems, utility lines, or any other facilities on or about the Property while delivering the wood chips at the owner's request.

I hereby acknowledge receipt of and accept full ownership of the wood chips that are delivered to my property from Cobb Electric Membership Corporation (“Cobb EMC”). I specifically agree to hold Cobb EMC harmless from any and all liability from any cause whatsoever, whether direct or indirect, arising out of the load of wood chips. I further agree that in the event any legal action is brought against Cobb EMC arising out of the use of the wood chips, or damages therefrom, that I agree to indemnify and hold Cobb EMC harmless from any and all costs, charges, expenses, attorney’s fees and judgments which may be imposed upon or incurred by Cobb EMC in any manner arising out of such claim or such litigation.

In addition, Cobb EMC shall have the right to ingress and egress from the Property at reasonable time. Cobb EMC shall use all reasonable care and diligence. This Agreement is applicable to the Property referenced below.


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*Requesting wood chips does not guarantee a delivered load of wood chips. Crews can only deliver wood chips as a courtesy in areas served by Cobb EMC when they are actively working in those areas. If requested, we can call the daytime phone number to confirm delivery.
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