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Smart Choice FAQs

Smart Choice


Three important definitions to help you better understand the Smart Choice Rate:

What are Peak Notification Days?

June through September on hot summer weekdays when Cobb EMC forecasts that we will experience higher peak use conditions. Cobb EMC may call peak conservation hours during the peak notification days. Peak Notification days will exclude weekends and holidays.

What are Peak Conservation Hours?

The period between 2 p.m. and 7 p.m. only when we are experiencing high peak energy use during peak notification days. This is the time to conserve energy and money.

Peak Conservation Hours do not occur every day. Peak Conservation Hours only occur on specific days during the months of June through September, 2-7 p.m., when electric demand on our system is expected to be the greatest due to hot temperatures outside.

What is the Peak Service Charge?

Based on the highest one-hour consumption of energy (kWh/hour) established by the member during peak conservation hours (Cobb EMC will specify in advance) or the highest consumption used during the month if peak conservation hours have not been set.


1. What is the Smart Choice Rate?

2. How is the Peak Service Charge determined?

3. What is peak use (demand) vs. energy use?

4. How does the Smart Choice Rate allow members to choose to lower their bill?

5. What are the benefits of the Smart Choice Rate?

6. Will I save energy/money with this rate plan?

7. What is a Peak Service Charge?

8. How do I control my Peak Service Charge?

9. How do I access my daily and hourly usage?

10. How does Smart Choice Rate compare to Standard Bill or Even Bill?

11. How will members be notified if it is a Peak Conservation Hour?

12. How many times a year will we have Peak Notification Days?

13. What happens during the weekends and holidays?

14. How does the Smart Choice Rate affect me if I have an electric vehicle charger?

15. What do all of these items on my bill mean?





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