Solar Flower Garden

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Welcome to the Solar Flower Garden

We're not your typical garden. We're a unique garden that connects visitors to the environment and sustainability. The Solar Flower Garden at Cobb EMC is a 6,000-square-foot oasis showcasing Smartflowers – solar flowers that produce clean energy, or what we like to call flower power. These energized blooms are saving carbon, supporting solar and brightening our community.


Join us in the garden

The Solar Flower Garden was created as a gathering place for our community. We offer educational opportunities and events, plus admission is free. We're open from dawn until dusk. So, stop by and see us! We're located at Cobb EMC's headquarters. Get directions.


Explore - Smartphone

Come visit the garden and take a picture with these iconic blooms. #FLRPWR 

Host - Event Calendar

We invite schools, scouts, troops and businesses to host a learning event in the garden. Contact us to schedule your event.

Charge - EV

The garden offers level 3 DC fast charging for electric vehicles.



Environmental impact

After one year of operation, the Smartflowers in the Solar Flower Garden will produce 15,000 kWh of clean energy. This is equivalent to:



175 tree seedlings grown for 10 years.


Steering Wheel

1,193 gallons of gasoline avoided.


Source: EPA Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator


3,705 smartphones fully charged for one year.



We're on a mission

We're a small garden on a big mission: to inspire an appreciation for our environment and show that we're committed to clean energy in our community. Cobb EMC is proud to partner with our friends from Gas South to bring you the Solar Flower Garden. Watch the video below to see our solar flowers in action.

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