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Tree Maintenance FAQs

tree maintenance


What’s the difference between primary wire and service wire?

Primary wire runs along the road. Service wire runs into the house.


Why is Cobb EMC allowed to trim trees on my property?

Right-of-way and easement agreements allow Cobb EMC to access private property in order to maintain our distribution system. This work helps us access power lines for maintenance and repairs, but it also helps us improve the reliability of your electric service.


Does Cobb EMC clean up after tree trimming?

Yes, Cobb EMC will clean up after a trim service. If the tree is green, Cobb EMC will turn the limbs and branches into mulch. If the tree is dead, Cobb EMC will only cut the remaining into mangeable lengths because the dead limbs may damage the chipper. The member will be responsible for disposal.


What if a tree on my property doesn’t meet trim guidelines?

A tree that is outside of Cobb EMC’s maintenance guidelines will only be cut down, or dropped, if it is dead and endagering power lines.


What if I want to trim a tree that is close to power lines?

If a tree is too close to a power line, call us one business day in advance to inspect the tree’s clearance. If the tree is outside of Cobb EMC’s maintenance guidelines, we’ll create a safe environment for you to trim.



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