Why Go Electric

Why Go Electric

If you’re considering an electric vehicle, you’ve probably heard how good they are for the environment. While this makes you feel good about your upcoming purchase, you may still be on the fence about going electric. Keep reading for a few other great benefits of EV ownership that may help you with your decision.

Tax savings – Did you know that when you purchase a new electric vehicle, you could be eligible for a federal tax credit of up to $7,500? To learn more about this tax credit and other incentives that you may be eligible for, visit the Department of Energy.

Savings on maintenance – When you drive a fully electric vehicle, there’s no need for oil changes, fuel filters, new spark plugs, yearly emissions tests and other costly maintenance. Instead, you can enjoy more money in your pocket as you drive on to your next destination.

Fuel savings – With an electric vehicle, you will no longer have to fuel up at the gas station, but instead, you can charge at home or at any one of the hundreds of public charging stations across the state. While an efficient gas-powered vehicle can run for about 10-15 cents per mile, the average electric vehicle can run for just 3-5 cents per mile. Pennies per mile add up to big savings over the lifetime of the vehicle!

HOV lane and Peach Pass express lane access – Electric vehicles are eligible to drive in the HOV lane for free at any time, regardless of the number of passengers in the car. With Atlanta’s new Peach Pass express lanes, you can also commute even faster if you drive an EV with an Alternative Fuel Vehicle license plate. EVs with these plates are considered “Toll Exempt Accounts” and can travel in Peach Pass lanes for free. Please note: you still must register for a Peach Pass to use these lanes, even with exempt status.

Compare your gas vehicle to an EV to see how much you can save.


Electric Vehicles are fun to drive!

Think electric cars drive like a golf cart? Think again. Check out what these 8 drivers thought about the Chevy Bolt, Nissan LEAF and Tesla Model S.


Let’s dispel the EV myths

Electric vehicles don’t have enough range.

Today’s EVs feature advanced battery design that makes EVs more efficient, with enough power to take you to work and back again. Your car spends 90 percent of its time parked. And since you can recharge your battery each time you return home and park your car, it’s far more convenient than having to get gas.

Electric vehicles are underpowered and no fun to drive.

EVs aren’t just the future, they’re the present, and the real force behind automotive innovation here in the 21st century. Style, speed and power: EVs have it all now. With more brands offering more EV models every year, you can finally have the transportation and savings you want.

Electric vehicles are too expensive and won’t really save you money.

Ten years ago, the savings were significant. Today, they’re incredible. As technology has advanced, EVs have become far more affordable and are now within the reach of most American families. And with an operating cost that can be as little as 25 percent of that of a gas-powered vehicle, there’s simply no comparison. So EVs can dramatically lower your commuting costs — and with Cobb EMC’s NiteFlex rate, you can charge your EV overnight for free.

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