How smart thermostats help you save

There’s a lot of buzz surrounding smart thermostats these days, and we’re here to back up that buzz. They do a lot more than just “look good” and can even save you money. However, we know that upgrading from a basic thermostat can be intimidating especially when you have no experience with a smart thermostat. So this is your guide to smart thermostats.

What are smart thermostats?

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Together we saved 251 trees

During our April 2018 Recycle Day, Cobb EMC members recycled 20.5 tons of metal and 14.8 tons of paper. That’s enough to save more than 251 trees!

Because Cobb EMC is locally owned and locally governed, we invest in efforts that will improve our community. 

Thank you for helping us protect the local environment, save resources and reduce the amount of waste going into our landfills. 

Read more about Cobb EMC’s environmental commitment.  

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Beat the Peak

Beat the peak to help keep Cobb EMC rates low. 

Beat the peak is a free, voluntary campaign to help reduce the cost Cobb EMC pays for electricity. During peak hours, 2 p.m. to 7 p.m., the cost of electricity rises. When you shift your energy use to any time outside of peak hours, you help save money.

Beat the peak by limiting the number of appliances you use at one time, turning off unnecessary lights, unplugging appliances and setting your thermostat to 80 degrees during peak hours. 

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Test your storm knowledge

Lineman in bucket truck fixing power lines

1. If you see a downed power line, stay away from it and call Cobb EMC or 911 immediately.

A. True

B. False


2. A storm kit containing nonperishable food, water, batteries and other supplies should only be kept in the spring and summer, when thunderstorms are more likely to occur.

A. True

B. False


3. During a storm, which parts of your home should you avoid?

A. None. The whole house is safe.

B. The kitchen.

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Who We Are: Cobb EMC

At Cobb EMC, our vision is to become the energy industry benchmark through innovation that exceeds member and community expectations. We are a not-for-profit electric cooperative that safely delivers reliable electricity to nearly 200,000residential and commercial members in Cobb, Bartow, Cherokee, Fulton, and Paulding Counties. Our mission is to provide reliable and safe electricity, to be rate competitive, to robust governance, to relevant services, and to be a recognized employer.

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Safety is Our Top Priority

Cobb EMC makes safety a top priority and we strive to keep our employees and the communities we serve safe. Our mission is to bring you reliable, safe electricity.

As a part of our commitment to safety, Cobb EMC employees undergo extensive and continual safety training. We are proud to promote consumer education about how electricity works and how to prevent electrical accidents to our members and to the community.

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Local high school students win scholarships


Cobb EMC recently selected four local high school juniors to represent the company at the 2018 Washington Youth Tour, an all-expenses-paid, week-long leadership trip to Washington D.C. in June. 

“These talented students will join 1,800 student representatives from across the nation,” said Mark Justice, director of education and community relations at Cobb EMC. “They’ll meet with their elected representatives and discuss local and national issues with policy makers. This experience will stay with them for the rest of their lives.”

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