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Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI)

AMI Meters


Over the past 20 years, Cobb EMC has made substantial investments in infrastructure, building one of the most technologically advanced power control systems in the world. In 2010, recognizing Cobb EMC’s innovation, the U.S. Department of Energy awarded us nearly $17 million to implement Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) technologies. The grant was used to install more than 193,117 AMI meters. For more information about the Department of Energy Smart Meter Investment Grant Cobb EMC received and reporting requirements, click here.

Cobb EMC's AMI system uses two-way communications over a secure wireless network to provide members the latest in advanced metering technology. Upgrades were made at no additional cost to metered residential and commercial members. Cobb EMC’s AMI meters read up-to-the-minute electric energy use information and allow customers to track their electricity use by the hour. Readings are transmitted remotely over the AMI network.


AMI meters offer unparalleled technology

AMI meters are approximately the same size as mechanical meters, but feature an LCD digital display showing how much energy has been used. Unlike traditional meters, which were read once a month manually by a meter reader, AMI meters transmit daily readings to the cooperative. Energy use and charges are in no way affected by the type of meter. Cobb EMC owns the AMI meters, and they are part of our electrical distribution system. The meter base is still owned by the member.  


Upgrades improve efficiency, service for members
  • The automated system improves service for AMI meter members, as connects, re-connects and transfers of service are handled remotely and immediately.
  • Reducing the number of trucks on the road also saves time and resources and helps contribute to cleaner air throughout our service district.
  • The AMI meters may detect the loss of power during outages and send out an alert, allowing Cobb EMC to quickly detect the location and restore power to members.
  • Cobb EMC receives detailed information on member electric use for billing purposes, and automation ensures accuracy. This data also helps us to allocate crews more efficiently and identify underused or overused transformers. It also helps Cobb EMC quickly spot meter tampering and energy theft, reducing costs that must be passed on to the cooperative.  


Members can register to view their electric energy use in hourly increments.

The project included the installation of nearly 193,117 AMI meters and a meter data management (MDM) system that helps Cobb EMC collect and analyze long-term use data to improve overall operation of our distribution grid. MDM imports and validates data, and then processes it for future billing and analysis.

Cobb EMC selected National Information Solutions Cooperative's (NISC's) Meter Data Management System to support the company’s AMI initiatives. The groups will help Cobb EMC comply with standards, conduct remote connects and manage AMI meter data. Cobb EMC also implemented significant prevention methods and companywide cyber security standards to protect AMI and MDM data.

This detailed electric energy use data helps us create time-of-use billing rates. Members who alter their behavior to reduce use during peak times may reduce their overall cost of electric energy. Time-of-Use rates have specific on-peak times during summer days when electricity is more expensive. Critical Peak Pricing includes an additional tier for extreme peak days that typically occur Monday-Friday, from June to September, between 3 p.m. and 8 p.m.


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