Commercial & Industrial Rates

Cobb EMC is committed to providing safe, reliable electric service and excellent value to members. We offer various commercial rates based on members’ power requirements, plus many benefits for small and large power members. To start service and determine which rate option is best suited for your needs, contact Cobb EMC at 770-429-2100

Rate 30
For single-phase commercial members.

Rate 40
For three-phase commercial members.

Commercial EV
For commercial members with a separately metered, stand-alone electric vehicle charging station(s).

Time of Use (TOU)
Lower cost to single-phase commercial members for off-peak use during June, July and August.

Click here to inquire about our commercial and industrial rates for commercial members with connected electrical loads of 900 kW or greater.

The WPA is an adjustment to follow fluctuations related to wholesale power purchase costs.

Commercial TOU Enrollment Form

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The minimum monthly charge under the above rate shall be $31 plus the Wholesale Power Adjustment.
Service hereunder shall be for a minimum period of 12 consecutive months, and such contract term shall be automatically renewed for additional 12-month contract terms, unless I, the member, provide notice of termination to the Corporation at least 30 days prior to the end of the current contract term.
If I, the member, request to transfer from this rate schedule to the Corporation’s otherwise applicable rate schedule prior to the end of the current contract term, I, the member, shall be required to pay the total amount, if any, by which the sum of the monthly billings under the Corporation’s otherwise applicable rate schedule applied to the member’s actual energy use during the current contract term exceeds the sum of the monthly billings hereunder during that contract term.
If I do not control use between the hours of 3 p.m. and 8 p.m., Monday through Friday during the months of June, July and August, I will pay higher energy bills (excluding the Independence Day holiday).
I understand that by enrolling in this program I am giving Cobb EMC permission to switch my current rate plan to the Time-of-Use plan.
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FAQ: Commercial TOU

TOU rates refer to electricity prices, which vary based on when electricity is used. That includes by time of day, by day of week (weekdays versus weekend) and by season. TOU rates better reflect the way the electricity market works. During on-peak hours, when member demands for electricity are highest, the cost of providing electricity is greater than at off-peak hours, when member demand is lower. With the TOU service rate, your cost varies according to the period in which you use the electricity. If you use electricity when demand is high (on-peak), your cost will be higher. However, if you use electricity when the demand is low (off-peak), your cost will be lower.

Yes. The TOU rate is offered as an incentive to shift your electric use from peak to off-peak hours — particularly during the summer. Being on the TOU rate requires you to make adjustments in your daily routine. If you don't change your energy use patterns, you could pay more — or you may come out about even — on this rate. It's up to you to switch your electric use to the less expensive off-peak hours.

No. The schedule for delivering your electric bill will remain the same.

View your daily and hourly electric use online. Your electric bill will also show your total electricity use in each pricing period (on-peak and off-peak) over the billing period. Together, this will give you key information about when you are using the most electricity, and you will be able to see how your electricity use patterns affect your bills.


Yes. Please call us at 770-429-2299 to request a printed copy of your use report. We will send it to you using regular mail delivery.


Complete the enrollment form. After we receive your completed and signed form, a representative will contact you within 48 business hours to confirm your enrollment.