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Report a Power Outage

Use a quick, online form to report an outage.

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View Current Outages

See current outages and estimated restoration times. Have a question about the outage map? Get answers.

What To Do If You Lose Power

  1. Check to see if your neighbors have lost power.

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  2. If your neighbors have power, you may need to check your electrical panel to rule out problems inside your home.

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  3. Report an outage 24/7 online, directly from the Cobb EMC app, or by calling 770-429-2100. You won’t receive a call back – but don’t worry – our crews are instantly notified.

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  4. Sign up to receive email or text alerts when your power is out and when it’s back on. You’ll also receive a notification when the estimated restoration time is updated.

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How Power Is Restored

When a major storm or natural disaster causes widespread damage, crews work with one main goal in mind: to restore power safely to the greatest number of members in the shortest time possible.

A Little About Outages

Cobb EMC works year-round to provide reliable electric power. Keep reading for information on how we maintain high reliability, the most common causes of outages, and steps you can take at home.

Tree Trimming for Reliability

Cobb EMC trims trees in the right of way to avoid outages and safety hazards.

Common Outage Causes

Trees, animals, snow and ice, car accidents and lightning are often the main causes of outages and power blinks.

Update Your Info

Make sure we have your correct information on file for quick outage reporting.

Call Before You Dig

Call 811 before you dig to protect yourself and avoid contact with underground utility lines.

  • If you see downed or damaged power lines, stay back and call Cobb EMC immediately at 770-429-2100.
  • Limit the use of your freezer and refrigerator during extended storm outages. Food will remain frozen for up to 48 hours if the doors remain closed and the unit is in good working condition.
  • When possible, avoid using candles for lighting. Candles pose fire hazards.
  • Report your outage online, through the Cobb EMC app or call us as soon as possible when your power goes out, no matter how many homes in your area appear to be affected by the outage.
  • Appliances and electronics are extremely sensitive to electrical spikes from lightning or other faults. Before electrical storms, disconnect these items from the electrical source.
  • Keep a storm kit at home and in your car with extra flashlights, batteries, bottled water and canned food.
  • Download Cobb EMC’s Storm Safety Guide to access tips, information, resources and safety precautions for before, during and after a storm.
  • Improperly installed emergency power generators can expose your family to carbon monoxide poisoning and our crews to severe injury – or even death. For more information, contact Cobb EMC's electrical engineering team at 770-429-2100.
  • Follow manufacturer instructions for generator inspections and maintenance.