Report A Scam

Report A Scam

Utility customers around the country should be aware of telephone, mail, email, door-to-door, and other in-person scams that involve criminals posing as Cobb EMC representatives and demanding immediate payment or personal information. We will never ask members to pay their bills anywhere other than at our office or through one of our payment options.

Scam artists are targeting utility customers across the nation threatening to disconnect power and stealing personal information. If you are contacted by someone threatening to disconnect your power unless you pay anywhere other than Cobb EMC, please do not give out any personal information. Ask for the person’s name and as much additional information as possible, note their phone number from caller ID, and simply call our office at 770-429-2100. We also caution members to carefully check emails before clicking on any links that may be bogus.

We will gladly accept payment from any member at any time, but advise our members to be the one who initiates the payment method. Valid payments may be made via mail, at our office during business hours, anytime using our website or through our automated system by calling 770-429-2100. Payments are not accepted in the field.

All calls concerning a pending disconnection will originate from our office during business hours, Monday through Friday (7 a.m. – 6 p.m.). For those who have caller ID our office phone number, 770-429-2100, will display.

We advise members to never give banking or credit card information out to non-verified callers, and only give out this information if YOU have placed the call and are comfortable that you have reached Cobb EMC.  If you're ever in doubt or have questions about your account, call our office at 770-429-2100 or check your account balance directly online or on the app.

If you believe that you have been contacted by a criminal impersonating a Cobb EMC representative:

  • Hang up the phone, or close the door and call our office at 770-429-2100. You can always find this number on our website or on your Cobb EMC bill.
  • Do not give the caller or visitor a prepaid card, such as a Green Dot card, a wire transfer, or any other form of payment that may be difficult for law enforcement officials to trace. 
  • Ignore suspicious requests for personal information such as bank account numbers, user names and passwords, credit card numbers, or Social Security numbers.
  • Delete and block any emails from utilities that are not your service provider.
  • Delete all suspicious emails that require immediate action to verify or demand personal information.
  • Contact your local police through the non-emergency telephone number, your state attorney general’s office through its toll-free number, and/or contact the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) or 1-877-FTC-HELP (1-877-382-4357).

As always, please call our office at 770-429-2100 or send us an email if you have questions or concerns.

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