Energy Assistance Program

Assisting members with energy efficiency improvements to their homes.

Cobb EMC is excited to offer the Energy Assistance pilot program to our members in partnership with Northwest Metro Atlanta Habitat for Humanity and local contractors.

This program was designed to assist our members who need help making energy efficiency improvements to their homes. To be eligible, members must have a household income of $35,000 or less. Eligible improvements include attic insulation, air leak sealing, duct sealing, full home LED swap out, and other weatherization measures. For some of the larger energy efficiency improvements, like HVAC and water heater replacements, Cobb EMC may only be able to cover some of the replacement cost.

Here's how it works:

Step 1

Give us a call

Give us call at 770-429-2125 if you believe you are eligible for the program. We’ll assess your home and make energy-efficient recommendations.

Step 2

Get your upgrades

We’ll help you enroll in the program and join the Energy Network and you will receive your energy efficiency upgrades.

Step 3

Settle balances

If any balance is due above the incentive amount, you may be eligible to pay the balance monthly through zero-interest financing with Habitat for Humanity.

Step 4

Share your feedback

We will contact you with focus group opportunities as a part of the Energy Network – you choose the two that work best for you.

  • Must own a primary residence that Cobb EMC serves
  • Must meet an income requirement of $35,000 or less annually
  • Must consent to home a home audit
  • Must be willing to pay any balance owned above program funds available through monthly payments (zero-interest)
  • Funds are limited and will be available while supplies last
  • As a member of Energy Network, we will then ask you to join one of our feedback sessions. These sessions may be conducted in-person or virtually.  With your feedback, we will further improve the program to make an even great impact on our Cobb EMC  member community.

After contacting Cobb EMC, our program contractors will schedule a time to conduct an audit at your home. After your audit, we will tell you which of the necessary improvements qualify for the program. Any additional repairs outside of the scope of the program will be the homeowner’s responsibility.

We will discuss the specifics of each home and the required repairs with each member on a case-by-case basis following the home audit.

Cobb EMC recognizes the energy needs of our members and wants to help make the homes we serve more energy efficient. This program allows us to achieve that goal while also strengthening our community partnership with Habitat for Humanity.

No, however, we offer an Energy Efficiency Incentive through the Energy Network Program that you may qualify for instead.

No, only homeowners are eligible to participate.

Yes, you may share the program information with your neighbor directly, or you can share their contact info with us at so that we can reach out to them.