I’m ready to install rooftop solar

A step-by-step guide to installing rooftop solar.

Cobb EMC has long encouraged the efficient use of electricity and renewable energy technologies. As a Cobb EMC member, you can choose to participate in Rooftop Solar. If you’ve already determined that rooftop solar makes sense for your home, follow the steps below along with our interconnect agreement to install your system in Cobb EMC’s service territory.

How To Get Started

Cobb EMC’s Interconnection Process

Start Interconnect Agreement

  1. Interconnect Agreement

    You as the Cobb EMC member will start the interconnect agreement process by clicking here. In the application, you will be asked to specify your contractor so that they may complete their portion of the interconnect agreement. This step must be completed at least 45 days prior to the date that member intends to interconnect the distributed generation facility to the cooperative’s electric distribution facilities.

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  2. Contractor Application

    After you complete your member form, your contractor will receive an email prompting them to complete the contractor fields for your application. This includes providing Cobb EMC with the technical specs of your solar system. If you are receiving a turn-key service, in this step no action on your part will be required.

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  3. Approve Installation

    Cobb EMC approves the installation, and your contractor can install the system at your home.

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  4. Final Inspection

    Once the installation is complete, the contractor will request a final inspection from the city or county. They will then share this inspection report with Cobb EMC.

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  5. Net Meter Swap

    Upon receiving the final inspection, Cobb EMC will come to your home and swap out your existing meter for a net meter. We will also bill a $100 interconnection fee to your Cobb EMC account. This will appear on one of your next couple of bills, based on your billing cycle. The $100 can be paid along with the rest of your bill, using any of our payment methods.

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  6. Interconnect Fee

    Some solar contractors will bill the interconnect fee into your solar contract. Since Cobb EMC’s interconnect fee is charged to you as the member directly, you should request a rebate from your contractor if they billed you for it initially. If not, this step is not required.

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About Net Meter Installation

Once you complete your interconnect agreement, Cobb EMC will set a net meter at your home. A net meter can spin both forward and backward to accurately measure energy to and from your home.

Imagine a bucket of water which you are pouring water into. If the bucket also has a hole at the bottom and you are draining water at the same rate at which you are pouring, the level of the water will essentially remain the same. This is how a net meter works. When your solar panels produce energy and your home consumes energy at the same time, the result is a net amount. When your home produces more power than it consumes, you send power back to the grid and Cobb EMC pays you for the energy you send back.

There are three main reasons why a net meter must be installed at homes with rooftop solar:

  1. Proper interconnection to the grid is required by law in the state of Georgia.
  2. Without a net meter, your home can produce back feed to the grid. This can present a serious safety hazard to Cobb EMC’s linemen.
  3. Without a net meter, you may actually pay more for power with solar than before. This is because the consumption of your home spins the meter, as does the production from your panels. Without a net meter, this would essentially count twice, instead of netting out.

Yes, Cobb EMC will pay you for the energy you send back to the grid in accordance with our Distributed Generation Rate Schedule.

I’ve installed my new photovoltaic system, now what?

Cobb EMC offers several rate options to meet the energy needs of our members. Members with rooftop solar are eligible for any of these rate options, with the exception of Even Bill. You can also view the rate schedule that applies to all members participating in Rooftop Solar, regardless of their rate option.

Note that often times, the energy output shown on your solar monitoring system will differ from what Cobb EMC shows on your bill due to your net meter. You can monitor your net usage using your Cobb EMC app or online account.

Cobb EMC sets a net meter at your home based on the time at which we receive a completed interconnect agreement. Often times, the time at which we set the net meter does not correspond nicely with your billing cycle. Therefore, your first solar bill may look a little different. As of the second bill and moving forward, information should look more normal.

Be sure to consult your solar contractor to see what ongoing maintenance may be needed for your solar array. Maintenance is often limited, but is still important to ensure the longevity of your system.