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The NiteFlex® rate is designed for consumers who want to save money by adjusting when they use energy. You’ll pay a lower rate for electricity during certain times of the day, including 400 kWh of free energy use each month. This rate is ideal for smart appliance users, electric vehicle owners recharging their vehicles overnight or anyone who shifts energy use to later hours.

How the NiteFlex rate works

Electric use is calculated based on the time of day.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The NiteFlex® rate is beneficial for members with an electric vehicle and members who are willing and able to shift their energy consumption. Electric use on the NiteFlex rate is calculated based on three tiers. This tiered pricing also applies on weekends and holidays.

This rate is billed based on usage captured by your AMI meter in a 24-hour period. If we do not receive a valid communication from the meter, our system is designed to estimate usage for that hour using your historical data and usage patterns.


See the full rate details.

The NiteFlex rate is a 12-month commitment.

Yes. You do not need to have an electric vehicle to be on this rate. To benefit, you can shift your energy use to the Off-Peak (6 a.m. - 1 p.m.) (9 p.m. - 12 a.m.) and Super Off-Peak periods (12 a.m. - 6 a.m.). Shifting your usage during these times allows you to take advantage of the lower billing rate.

We record hourly meter readings. You can also view your hourly usage with our online account management system and the Cobb EMC app. For a detailed look at when you used energy, sign in to your online account and click on My Usage. Next, choose the Usage Explorer tool, and then change the Type of usage to Time of Use to see a breakdown of your hourly energy use during Super Off-Peak, Off-Peak and On-Peak hours.

Yes. Your monthly bill will show the charges and kWh breakdown for Super-Off Peak, Off-Peak and On-Peak periods.

You are allotted up to 400 kWh free per billing cycle during the Super Off-Peak period only. Any consumption over 400 kWh is billed at 5 cents per kWh.

All residential members are eligible to sign up for the NiteFlex rate with the exception of members who are currently enrolled in PrePay.