Rooftop Solar Isn't a Fit for Me

You can still participate in clean energy.

Even when rooftop solar isn't a fit, Cobb EMC has options for you. Whether you're a renter, your home isn’t positioned for solar, or the return on investment just doesn’t make sense for you, you can still participate in and support clean energy without rooftop solar panels.

Did you know you’re already benefiting from solar energy? That’s right! Without owning rooftop panels, you still get the benefits of solar energy because a portion of the energy that Cobb EMC provides to its members comes from solar and other renewable sources. Learn more about our energy portfolio.

We’re increasing clean energy for members. Cobb EMC's 2030 Clean Energy Goal is our commitment to providing clean energy that meets the needs of our members both today and in the future.

Get Green Energy for a Penny. For an additional 1¢ per kWh, you can power your home with local solar energy while supporting a clean energy future. You can choose to offset a portion or all of your energy usage to improve your carbon footprint. Learn more and get started with Green Energy for a Penny*.

Visit the Solar Flower Garden. Whether you’re looking to learn more about renewable energy yourself, or if you have a bright young mind in your family, another great way to support solar energy is by visiting Cobb EMC’s Solar Flower Garden.

*Unless Cobb EMC has agreed in writing with a member to sell renewable energy certificates (RECs) associated with Cobb EMC’s renewable energy to such member or to retire RECs on such member’s behalf, Cobb EMC does not claim that the electric energy that Cobb EMC provides to its members from its renewable energy facilities is “green energy,” “renewable energy,” “clean energy” or has any particular environmental attributes. Cobb EMC retains the environmental attributes, including the associated RECs for use in its utility programs or for sale to third parties. All of Cobb EMC’s RECs are managed under Green Power EMC’s Cooperative Solar Program.