Solar in your garden

Summer months provide bright sunny days, perfect for small scale solar projects. There are many fun ways to incorporate solar into your home garden. Some products we found include pathway lighting, fun decorative lights and water features powered by the sun.

Solar lighting is a common do-it-yourself way to upgrade your garden. Many of the solar lighting options we found are available through Amazon or your local home-improvement stores. The degree of project difficulty depends on your comfort level and garden experience. We found that most items are packaged and ready to go with little assembly.  

Solar lighting is an easy project for garden accents or pathways. Line your flower garden or walkway to get the desired lighting effect. A decorative solar flamingo light or watering can with fairy lights adds a personal touch to any garden big or small. If your garden has an advanced water feature, we found a fun lighted lily pad set powered by solar. We even came across a bird fountain with solar powered bubblers to keep the water in motion!

Take a look at the following garden examples to see what options are available in consumer shopping!