Understand Your Bill

Info you need to help you better understand your power bill.


Bright, colorful graphics provide an easy and convenient way to find the important information you need and rely on each month. Your Cobb EMC bill is designed to assist you in better understanding your energy use, so you can make smart energy choices.

Understand Your Bill

Our bill has all the information you need to help you understand your energy use.

A Bill You Can Download

Paperless bill members can see a copy of the bill online or in the Cobb EMC app. Enjoy the convenience of paperless billing.

Enroll in Auto Pay

Pay monthly bills through automated drafts at no extra charge to make life even easier!

What is the Wholesale Power Cost Adjustment (WPA)?

You may have noticed the Wholesale Power Cost Adjustment (WPA) line item on your monthly bill. The WPA provides a monthly adjustment dependent on any differences in the base cost of wholesale power. Learn more about the WPA and the factors that impact wholesale power costs.

What's a Kilowatt-hour?

The electricity you buy from Cobb EMC is measured in kilowatt-hours, and your electric meter keeps track of the number of kilowatt-hours of electricity you use. A kilowatt equals 1,000 watts, and a kilowatt-hour is 1,000 watts used for one hour. As an example, ten 100-watt light bulbs left on for one hour use one kilowatt-hour of electricity. Some things, like heating and cooling appliances, use more.

Smart Meters

Cobb EMC uses smart meters to measure your electric usage for billing. Smart meters are digital meters that use the latest advanced metering and communications technologies. These meters are read remotely over a private, secure wireless network, like a cell phone network. The smart meter records hourly meter reads and periodically transmits the reads via a dedicated radio frequency (RF) network back to Cobb EMC. Reading a meter is easy. Once you learn the basics, you can easily measure your own electric use by simply checking your meter. Your smart meter uses a digital readout alternating between two different displays:

  1. The initial screen will display "888888…" indicating that the unit is functioning properly.
  2. The next screen shows the total kWh of energy use. This 5-digit number is cumulative and may include leading zeros.

Cobb EMC does not reset the meter each month, so you can see how much electricity you have used by simply subtracting the previous month’s reading from the present reading. Your previous month’s reading can be found on your bill statement.