Residential Rates

Residential Rates

Residential Rates

Cobb EMC rates are among the lowest in the state reaffirming our commitment to provide safe, adequate and reliable electric service and value to our members.

Cobb EMC's Residential Rates

Smart Choice Rate
This rate allows you to minimize your energy use during certain times of the year to avoid fluctuation in power bills. All new Cobb EMC members are automatically enrolled in the Smart Choice Rate. Rate details.

Even Bill
This rate allows you to pay the same monthly bill amount for one full year. Twelve months of billing history is required to elect the Even Bill Rate. Rate details.

Distributed Generation
This rate plan is for members who participate in rooftop solar and offers credits for excess net energy. Learn more about solar energy options.

Senior Plan

An exemption is available to members who are 65 years of age (or older) who are on a fixed income.

Wholesale Power Adjustment (WPA)

The WPA is an adjustment to follow fluctuations related to wholesale power purchase costs.

How To Read Your Bill


The following rates are no longer available to new members:


The freely available Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print the rate schedules.

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