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Learn how EVs and EV charging can benefit your business.

Whether you have a company of ten or thousands, electric vehicles are good for business. While the cost to purchase or lease an electric vehicle is higher upfront, EVs are cheaper to own and operate than a gasoline car in the long run. In addition to the cost savings on fuel and maintenance, businesses with EVs in their fleet also experience many other benefits:

  • Corporate social responsibility – Today, corporate social responsibility is no longer just a nice thing to do, but rather an expectation from customers. By having electric vehicles in your fleet, you are reducing CO2 emissions and helping the environment while also improving your brand’s reputation. Switching just one gas powered vehicle in your fleet to electric can displace 6-9 tons of emissions annually; this is the equivalent of planting 2,500 trees.
  • Operational and productivity benefits – EVs fuel up for the day by charging overnight. This reduces fuel costs (3 cents per mile versus 10 with a gasoline car) and saves employee work hours by eliminating trips to the gas station.
  • Employee satisfaction and engagement – Having EVs in your fleet is reported to boost employee satisfaction and engagement. By driving an electric vehicle as a part of their job, employees feel empowered knowing that they are helping to reduce pollution while driving the latest and greatest technology. If you allow employees to charge their personal EVs on your company’s EV chargers, satisfaction levels soar.

Source: Drive Electric Northern Colorado

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